7 Places on Maui That Feel Out of This World

Posted by Mapuana Andrade on Wednesday, June 29th, 2022 at 11:03am

Maui, and the rest of Hawai'i, is often considered one of the most beautiful places in the world, but sometimes, you visit somewhere on Maui that is entirely out of this world. These seven places on Maui will have you wondering when you left Earth for a striking alien planet or fantasy oasis.



Haleakala, Maui's famous dormant volcano that sits 10,023 feet above sea level, is more than just a breathtaking sunrise destination. Within the fertile crater lies a hiking path that resembles something out of this world. Deep red sand, plants native to the crater alone, views of Maui's skyline, and rock gardens are only some fantastic sights to see inside the Haleakala crater. This is a place where you can, quite literally, have your head in the clouds. All in all, the volcano's summit has more than 30 hikeable miles inside it. 


Honomanu Bay

Tucked into a pocket of lush Maui forest, Honomanu Bay is an isolated haven for spending quiet moments under the night sky. Situated along the Road To Hana, this peaceful black sand bay is right next to the small village of Ke'anae. The silence of the night, paired with the clear view of outer space and galaxies, makes you forget that you're marveling from a tiny island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The only people you'll share the shoreline with are a local fisherman and maybe a turtle or two.


Black Sand Beach 

Black Sand Beach is a scenic and stunning cove unlike any other. The sea beyond the cove contrasts starkly against the deep black sand with its bright blue color while splashing against the majestic and wild Hana coastline. A striking similarity to being on the moon or a planet surrounded by night and darkness, the ocean's water and surrounding forest is the brightest reminder that you're still on Earth. Taking a dive in the water and looking back to the shoreline, you might feel like you're floating through space while looking back at the planet's dark, grainy sand. 


Pools of 'Ohe'o

Pools of 'Ohe'o, or The Seven Sacred Pools, is a remarkable sight located in Haleakala National Park in Kipahulu, approx 7 miles past Hana town on Maui's most eastern coast. 

Oheo encompasses natural swimming pools that are linked by cascading waterfalls. The pools all lead to the ocean giving visitors a unique experience of seeing both the sea and waterfalls simultaneously. 

As you wade in the water, you'll be reminded of fantasy lands filled with lush tropical forests and healing water. 

Today, swimming in the pools has been halted but the pools can still be seen from the park. 


Red Sand Beach 

Red Sand Beach is home to a dramatic and beautiful hidden cove unlike any other. The ocean beyond the cove resembles a vibrant and surreal deep blue, while the sand along the beach is a stark Mars-like red that resembles something from out of this world. Walking along this shoreline makes you feel like you're a pioneer, searching for something not from this planet.

 The crescent-shaped beach is carved from the Ka'uiki Head cinder cone, whose rust-red lava cinder cliffs cause the stunning red sand. 

The cove is protected by rough black lava rock walls, adding to its unique picturesque landscape and keeping it less traveled than most beaches on Maui. 

Note that the path to this beach is on private property. 


Maui Ocean Center 

Discover what lies beyond the shallows among the open ocean dwellers, where light drifts away and creates room for other life forms.

This shot of the jellyfish exhibit at the Maui Ocean Center is the best way to capture the beauty of MOC, home to one of the world's largest collections of live tropical corals in over 60 thriving exhibits. 

Recognized as one of the island's top-rated attractions and listed among TripAdvisor's "Top 10 Aquariums in the World," the Maui Ocean Center is the finest way to expand undersea knowledge with the help of ocean specialists, exploring all that exists past where the sand meets the sea. 

You might be surprised by the plethora of species you discover, both familiar and more alien-looking than ever.  


Palikū Campgrounds

Seeing this 750,000-year-old crater at night is a whole other out-of-this-world experience. The sky is covered in brightly lit stars so close you swear you could touch them if you reached high enough. Camping at Haleakalā is probably the most surreal activity you can do in Maui. Reservations are required at both Holua and Paliku campgrounds. On your way down the mountain, bask in the cool mountain air by going on one of the many downhill biking tours available. 

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