8 Reasons We're Thankful to Live on Maui

Posted by Staff Writer on Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017 at 11:12am


Sometimes we forget how lucky we are to live on Maui.

From getting stuck in Paia traffic to dealing with expensive food and housing costs, sometimes we get overwhelmed with our daily grind and forget that we do live in paradise. With Thanksgiving just around the corner, we wanted to celebrate all the reasons that make us so thankful to live on Maui.

We truly are lucky to live in the Aloha State.


This is the view of the backyard from Coconut Grove, one of the west side's finest resort communities.

This seems like a no-brainer, but some of the world’s most stunning beaches are basically in your backyard. From the white-sands of Kaanapali to the shore break at Makena, miles of pristine shorelines are entirely accessible - and free - for all families to enjoy.


Bananas. Oranges. Mangos. Lilikoi. Everyone knows the time of year when friends and neighbors are giving bucketloads of fresh fruit away during peak harvest seasons. And even if you don’t have a fresh fruit source, you can always find locally-grown treats from sellers ranging from Mana Foods to farmer’s markets.


Winter is coming - but on Maui, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Maui has warm and tropical temperatures year round, which means there’s never a bad time to take a dip in the ocean or lay out on the sand. If anything, surfers can rejoice for bigger swells that come in the winter months. This is also the time when all residents welcome the migration of humpback whales.


The views from this Wailea condominium are simply breathtaking.

Nothing beats the sunsets, whether watching the glow disappear over the West Maui Mountains or under the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean. Sometimes, if you’re really lucky, you’ll catch the green flash as the sun sinks below the horizon.


Kick back and relax at this luxury Wailea condominium.

Feel like you need a vacation? Good thing there plenty of five-star resorts, cozy cottages or oceanfront condominiums to rent for a weekend. There’s no need to travel when you can call the best island in the country home.


Are you eating something besides turkey this year, maybe like Ahi sashimi for an appetizer or Kalua pig for the entre? Holidays are so much more fun when you’re living in a melting pot that offers cultural festivals ranging from Chinese New Year to Obon festivals to celebrate.


Plumeria. Pikake. Hibiscus. Ginger. The smell of Hawaii’s fresh flowers fills the air as you drive through lush areas of East Maui, or are lucky enough to have a garden of your own.


Even if you’re not the one riding the waves, it’s still fun to watch kiddos catching the shore break at Launiupoko or feel the thrill as professionals drop into Jaws. For people who do surf, the relaxation and happiness that comes with the ability to paddle out after a long day at work is unparalleled.

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