You Know You're From Hawai’i When…

Posted by Island Sotheby's International Realty on Wednesday, May 13th, 2020 at 8:47am

Growing up on the island on Maui is a truly unique experience. Not many can say their childhood memories include lush island greenery, swimming in the ocean, and enjoying the island life. Whether you were born and raised on Maui or have been here your whole life, we can all relate to certain things that make our island home special. From living the rubber slipper life, eating rice with every meal, or spending family days at the beach, nothing compares to Maui life. 

  1. You shoot the shaka when you drive past someone you know

  2. You know what “dakine” means

  3. You NEVER wear your slippers inside the house 

  4. You can never find your slippers when you leave a party because there are 30 pairs outside

  5. You have more bikinis or swim shorts than actual clothes

  6. You offer to help a kupuna whenever you can

  7. There’s always a beach chair and towel in your car 

  8. You love your “tutu”

  9. You give lei’s on every special occasion

  10. You can’t leave any get together without taking leftovers

  11. You call everyone “sista” or “braddah” 

  12. You have a 50lb bag of rice in your house at all times

  13. You give directions like “turn by the mango tree” or “it’s over there by dakine” 

  14. You always pick a “pua” for your ear 

  15. You throw your hair into a “tita bun” every day 

  16. You eat mochi crunch or furikake with your popcorn

  17. You’re scared to whistle at night

  18. You have a family potluck at your aunty or uncles house at least once a week

  19. You don’t turn your back to the ocean 

  20. For special occasions, you wear your nice “slippahs”

  21. You always have a rubber band on your wrist 

  22. You eat rice with EVERYTHING 

  23. You’re Hawaiian bracelets clink

  24. You grab a musubi before heading to the beach 

  25. You know it’s “shave ice” and not “snow cone”

  26. You say “choke” instead of “a lot” 

  27. You say “aloha” to everyone when you arrive and leave 

  28. There’s more sand in your car than at the beach 

  29. When you call everyone “aunty” or “uncle” 

  30. “Honi” all 30 people at the party, even if you don’t know some


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