Best Places To Stargaze on Maui

Posted by Staff Writer on Tuesday, June 1st, 2021 at 11:09am

The Hawaiian islands are home to some of the most famous stories of astronomy, wayfinding, and navigation. Ancient Hawaiians were skilled in using the natural world around them to guide their everyday lives. They sailed all over Polynesia using the night sky as their compass and the ocean as their guide. Today, traditional voyagers still use celestial navigation and wayfinding to honor the ways of the first Hawaiians. The most magical part? We can still explore the same skyline that Hawaiians were studying and using to navigate more than 500 years ago.

While Maui is now home to growing small cities like Kahului or Kihei, most of the island becomes a glowing light show when the sun sets. Looking up at the night sky with a warm cup of hot cocoa, some binoculars, and a clear mind is one of the most beautiful experiences you can have on Maui. There is nothing like it anywhere else in the world. If moments of peaceful silence and venturing into the world of old Hawaii is something for you, head to one of our favorite places to stargaze on Maui.

Hyatt Tour of the Stars

Even though Tour of the Stars sounds like something straight out of old Hollywood, the only stars you’ll see are the ones from the Hawaiian sky through this stargazing event by Hyatt. Using their 16” telescope dubbed “Great White”, Hyatt brings celestial experts to you during this romantic rooftop experience.  

Kalahaku Overlook

Slightly past Haleakala’s Leleiwi Overlook at mile marker 18.7, standing at 9,300 feet, Kalahaku Overlook is home to the best seats in town when it comes to stargazing on Maui. Meeting the sky at the highest point on the island, you can’t get any closer to the shooting stars and constellations that lie above you. Pack some snacks, a warm jacket, and marvel at the Milky Way like you’ve never done before. 

Lipoa Point

Out on the West Side of Maui, Lipoa Point offers breathtaking views of the sunset off Moloka’i and a couple of hours later, a private show of the stars. Right past the expansive line of hotels and resorts in Lahaina, Lipoa Point is completely surrounded by Honolua wilderness and sits above a volcanic shoreline. A perfect evening if you ask us.  

Honomanu Bay

Tucked into a pocket of lush Maui forest, Honomanu Bay is an isolated haven when it comes to spending quiet moments under the night sky. Situated along the Road To Hana, this peaceful black sand bay is right next to the small village of Ke’anae. The only people you’ll share the shoreline with is a local fisherman and maybe a turtle or two. 

Star Lookout

No, you're not looking at a postcard from Switzerland or the Alps. Upcountry Maui is filled with sweeping hills of country pastureland and views of central Maui and the West Maui Mountains. Keokea is home to Star Lookout, a quaint cabin that is perfect for those who may not want to drive all the way up to Haleakala’s winding road but still sit atop the clouds. At 2,900 feet, the air is crisp, the stars bright, and the silence…absolutely beautiful. 

Stargazing Tour at Haleakala

The hub of stargazing on Maui and the only place that offers astrophotography tours, head to Maui Stargazing for a guided tour of Haleakala’s night sky and historic wonders. 

 “Join Maui Stargazing for a stunning sunset at Haleakala Summit followed by a science-based, 60-minute guided telescope tour of the cosmos. Observe the most deep-sky objects through the largest portable telescope on Haleakala. See the visible planets and deep-sky objects of the Milky Way, including nebulae, star clusters, and the galaxies beyond through a 12-inch aperture Dobsonian telescope.”

Maui Stargazing offers tours that let you bask in the famous Haleakala sunset then take you on a celestial adventure through the stars. Revel in an expert-led astronomy guide, a laser-guided survey of the constellations, largest portable telescope on Haleakala, family-friendly observing site, and more. 


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