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Choosing the best surfing spots on Maui can seem like trying to pick your favorite Aloha Maid flavor. Nearly impossible and it always takes an eternity! We decided to help make it easier on everyone by sacrificing our time to visit beaches on Maui that are some of the best surfing spots (it’s a hard job but someone’s gotta do it). We’ve compiled a list of our favorite ones and rated them on their best qualities. So pack up the boards and your ohana, stop at Minit Stop and grab a spam musubi, and head down to the water this weekend! 

Best Beach for Beginners

The Cove, Kihei: The Cove is like a beach with training wheels. With extreme shallow waters, you’ll find that the waves are great for beginners, making any beach day safe and fun for

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Historically, surfing is believed to have originated in Polynesia. When it finally reached Hawaiian waters, it became a crucial part of the Hawaiian culture. In ancient times, surfing was an activity for royalty or used as a way to settle disputes. Everything about surfing was sacred, from choosing the tree in which to carve a board to who was allowed to surf in certain areas. When colonizing Europeans landed in Hawai’i, they did away with countless Hawaiian cultural practices and values. Surfing was one of them. Although the physical act of surfing was halted, Hawaiians never let the feeling of riding the waves slip from their hearts. 

Over time, as more and more people came from all over the world to visit Hawai’i for the first time, surfing

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On the North Shore of Maui, between the swaying palms, cascading waterfalls, and ethereal lush forests lays a sleeping giant patiently waiting for the best surfers in the world to attempt it’s rath. Welcome to Peahi. 

People come from all over the world to tame the beast that is Peahi, widely known as Jaws. Though not to be confused with the 1975 Steven Spielberg film, the infamous great white shark and these waves both know a thing or two about power. The reputation of Peahi has reached far and wide, mostly for its (arguably) best waves in the world. Reaching anywhere from 30-70ft, waves at Peahi are formed so precisely that they create these infamous swells. 

According to the late Hawaiian leader, Leslie Kuloloio, Peahi’s traditional name is

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Surfing and Maui are like the stars and the sky, one wouldn’t be whole without the other. Maui’s surfing history dates back hundreds of years and is a crucial and significant part of Hawaiian history. Today, we see thousands of people every year fly to our little island for a chance to have their moment on the blue crystal clear waves of Maui. The locals that grow up on the island have stories about skipping class when a good swell comes in, getting in their cars filled with sand after a quick surf sesh, or spending hours on hours every weekend basking in the sweet rides of Maui’s surflines. You grow up learning how to be in the water before you learn how to walk! No one is surprised when they see their teachers, doctors, or realtors out on the water

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When we think of Maui, we think of the vast blue ocean, alluring waterfalls, and maybe a cocktail or two. What we sometimes forget is that Maui is home to numerous local organic farms. 

This year, COVID-019 has pushed the pause button in our lives. This doesn’t mean we have to hit the pause button on our health or supporting our local business and economy. Living among Maui’s bountiful ecosystem, we are lucky enough to have the most delicious organic produce right in our backyard. From avocados, bananas, peppers, mango, lime, berries, tea, coffee, medicinal herbs, native plants, etc, there is a plethora of fresh produce at your fingertips. 

There are several local organic farms that you can shop from when you want to fill your bellies and ohana

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As much as we love swimming along Maui’s pristine coastal shores, dazzling big waves, and throughout the colorful coral ecosystems, we also have to love keeping our Maui waters safe. 

To protect our oceans, Hawaii became the first state to ban sunscreen that contains oxybenzone and octinoxate. Both of these chemicals are harsh and damaging to the coral reef that sustains the ocean life in our backyard. We know our corals to be suffering due to stress and the bleaching effects that these chemicals leave so we knew it was time to take actionable steps. Without our reefs, Maui would not be what it is today. 

January 1, 2021, will mark a new age for tourism and life on Maui! People who come to visit our island will still be able to enjoy all that

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The weather is warming up, the air is a little crisper, you're itching to be outside more than usual, and summer is beginning to get in full swing. One of the most important steps to taking on any summer day is making sure you brought delicious food to share with family and friends. Whether you’re packing up for a beach day, a beautiful hike, a day at the park, or going over to aunty’s house, we want to make sure you have everything you need to keep your tummies full. 


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  1. Li Hing Mui ANYTHING...and we mean anything. Our mouth is watering just thinking about the delicious plum powder we grew up with. Try it with pineapple, mango, sour belts, gummy bears, watermelon, mochi crunch, li hing

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Welcome to Maui, where the palm trees are lush, the ocean is as blue as the sky above it, the waterfalls flow majestically and....the cowboys run free? 

Taking it back about 200 years, the history of “paniolos” (cowboys) runs deep on Maui. When King Kamehameha was first introduced to longhorns for his cattle, the booming world of beef trade, ranching, and rodeo took off. This became a significant moment for the history of Maui because of how passionately the island would make the world of western rodeo their own. 

Not many would expect the beautiful tropical paradise that is Maui to have such a booming community of young cowboys and cowgirls riding and roping throughout the slopes of Haleakala. But, within the lush trees and

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1. Kamaole Beach Park 1

When the water is glistening and the sun is shining, grab a snorkel and some flippers and bask in the aquarium like abundance of tropical fish and crystal waters. Out on the shore, walk the white sandy beach at sunrise or sunset to take in the beautiful view of pinks, oranges, and reds reflecting off the water. This beach is perfect for kids who want to play in the soft, smooth sand or for the families who enjoy boogie boarding along the shoreline. Find good food and great shops only minutes from the beach including an ABC store stocked with the best beach snacks. Set up next to the barbecues on the grassy area or dive into a game of volleyball with the net set up on the grass. We like to call this beach the crown pleaser

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Tucked away in the hills of Haiku is an enchanted forest of legacy lychee. 

Lovingly cared for by the same family for more than three decades, this 38-acre Haiku farm is one of the oldest in Hawai’i, according to the University of Hawaii at Manoa’s  studies of tropical agriculture. Its five varieties of lychee trees have been growing there for more than 90 years, decades before Hawai’i became a U.S. state. 

During lychee season, which spans from May to August, each of the 400 trees on property have the ability to bear almost 1,000 pounds of sweet, fragrant fruit. And now, you have the opportunity to make the orchard your own. 

“It really is the way to leave a legacy — it’s the Legacy Lychee farm,” said Chana Boone of Island Sotheby’s

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