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Bringing our dogs with us around the island can make any day that much better! Discovering new favorite beaches, hiking through lush rainforests, grabbing a delicious bite to eat, or just hanging at a local dog park make for a great day. There are lots of dog-friendly options on the island to choose from for a fun-filled weekend. 

We've gathered a list of our favorite dog-friendly places to venture, all over the island. So pack up the car, bring some treats, and get ready to make life-long memories.

Remember to research rules and guidelines before arriving and clean up after your pup to ensure they’re always welcome. Dogs should be leashed unless otherwise noted, all dogs should be vaccinated and healthy, make sure you have water and shade

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Maui is known for its pristine weather, stunning beaches, and rich culture. It’s no wonder that it’s a beloved tourist destination to hundreds of thousands of people a year. But, in order to keep our beautiful island healthy and thriving, the local community works tirelessly to keep it clean and protected. Because of this, Maui is becoming one of the strongest models for sustainable living. 

Sustainable living is becoming the way of life on Maui for locals and visitors alike. From eco-tour companies, locally sourced dining options, and eco-education resources readily available, going green has never been easier. Everyone can help contribute to sustainable living by incorporating easy and approachable changes into their everyday life. This will

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A seller’s market is simply a matter of economics. Inventory is low and demand is high, leading to some properties being on the market for only hours with competitive bidding.

Buying a home on Maui is always a good idea. Playing in the island sun all day, catching some pau hana surf on your way home, and picking fresh fruit from the weekend farmer’s market sounds like a dream. And we want to do everything we can to make this become your reality.

Buying a home in a seller’s market means the market is in the seller’s favor, inventory is low and demand is high. With this comes competitive bidding, quick listings, and the need for attention to detail more than ever. This doesn’t mean that you can’t buy a home in a seller’s market. It just means

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When coming to the Valley Isle or looking for something new to do on the weekends, Maui’s abundance of beautiful trails and hikes should never go undiscovered. With a plethora of trail options to choose from you can explore contrasting microclimates, plan a weekend camping trip, or a quick morning stroll! The options are endless. You don’t have to be a veteran hiker or trained outdoorsman because Maui offers something for everyone, even those who have never stepped foot on a trail! This is something you can do with the whole family. So pack some sturdy shoes, bring lots of water and sunscreen, and experience our favorite Maui hikes and trails listed below!

We always want people to have a fun and safe experience when exploring Maui. Please refer to

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You might think that lounging on the sand, sipping Mai Tai’s, and chasing waterfalls is all that Maui has to offer. That couldn’t be further from the truth. With over 120 miles of coastline, it’s no wonder that some of the biggest surfing is done right here on the Valley Isle. With an even better reputation for winds that would make any kitesurfer drool, this is one of the most thriving sports on the island. When you think about the surf on Maui you might be picturing monstrous waves that take the likes of professional surfers to conquer. But that’s the beautiful thing about Maui, there is something for everyone. Whether it’s your first time on a board, to Maui, or even to the ocean, you’ll always find your place here. 

 Historically called the

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Maui, a melting pot of people, food, climates, and exciting outdoor adventures. From snorkeling in the crystal clear waters along the coast, windsurfing over the North Shore waves, rappelling down gigantic waterfalls, or biking down the winding Haleakala slopes, the natural beauty is endless. It helps that there are countless options when it comes to outdoor scenery you can choose to spend your days. Between the outstretched coastline, the dense rainforests, and the big blue skyline, Maui holds endless opportunities for experiencing adrenaline-filled island activities. 

While many might favor the slow-paced and relaxing lifestyle, there are exhilarating excursions for the extreme visitor that can only be done on the island of Maui. Being a small

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Maui has a wide range of diverse and equally breathtaking climates and micro-ecosystems. While you could be walking along the warm shoreline of Lahaina, you could also be bundled up deep in Kula’s dense forests next, or maybe hiking through the wet and humid jungle of Wailuku’s Iao Valley. All of this beautiful yet unique scenery surely does make for perfect zip-lining adventures. Whether you’re strapped in and flying past 150ft eucalyptus trees through the dense upcountry fog, or soaring above the white caps along Kaanapali beach, Maui ziplining makes for a unique and adrenaline-filled experience no matter where you choose to do it. 

Bring the whole family and learn about Maui’s history and the significance of the scenery all around you from local

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Believe it or not, there are parts of Maui’s beauty that are still undiscovered gems. Beyond the towering waterfalls, sweeping cliffsides, and warm shorelines lies even more than meets the eye. You might be surprised to discover that one of the most abundant communities of local farmers lies right in our backyard! From vibrant green vegetables, tropical fruits that are dripping in flavor, and grass-fed rich in flavor meats, Maui farms have it all. Today, we’ve gathered our most favored way to experience all of this fresh farm goodness in one place. Maui farmers markets. What better way to feed your ohana, take back the freshest souvenirs, or maybe just experience something new on the island? Experience farm fresh food and goodies that were probably

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There is no reason why you should be spending hundreds of dollars on one meal when visiting Maui. Every corner of this island is filled with a plethora of delicious local food made with fresh ingredients that make those tourist trap restaurants look silly. 

From craft coffee, fresh-caught seafood, fruity acai bowls, and homemade burgers, to local delicacies like teriyaki, it’s no wonder the Maui food trucks are the rave in 2021. 

This is one of the most genuine (and delicious) ways to explore the island and pay homage to the local food truck owners who have some of the most renowned dishes on the island! Relax on the beach, take a sunset swim, then give yourself the gift of stopping by one of our favorite food trucks for dinner or a late-night

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The art of having big potlucks and hosting the entire family over for special events and holidays is the most traditional way of embracing the aloha spirit. In true kama’aina fashion, everyone makes a big dish to share with their loved ones and gathers around the table to “talk story” and share memories while making new ones. 

In the wake of our new 2020 normal, this holiday season will look a little different. With friends and ohana staying home in order to keep everyone safe, it's time to brainstorm new ideas to keep the aloha spirit alive. What better way than to try a new delicious and local home-cooked meal! To make sure you have all the necessary tools to make this holiday season the best time of the year, we’ve gathered our 5 favorite local

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