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Whether you’re visiting Maui for the first time or have spent your whole life on the beautiful island, you know nothing compares to the gorgeous shores of The Valley Isle. Packing up a cooler, beach towels, sunscreen, and all your favorite local beach snacks make any weekend the best. 

But, if you know the local lifestyle, you know that local music is a part of everyday life. The perfect beach day is never complete without some of our local favorites. Classic local artists like C&K, Kapena, Maoli, and Ekolu can make the aloha spirit come alive right there on the sandy shores. Easy music like this makes even the morning car ride to the beach a relaxing and soothing way to start your day. 


Having the perfect playlist is all about the

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The new 2020-2021 Maui County real property tax rates are in for the fiscal year of July 1, 2020, to June 30, 2021. Please be sure to check out the graph below to find out how these apply to you and your properties. We want to make sure that every Maui property owner has all the information they need on important dates coming up and access to any resources that can assist them.

  • Property is classified based upon its highest and best use.
  • Properties receiving homeowner exemptions, condominiums, permitted bed and breakfasts and permitted transient vacation rentals are exceptions.
  • Properties which have been granted a homeowner exemption are classified as Homeowner.
  • Condominiums are classified
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In this ever changing environment, we want to offer reliable information that can help you understand where Maui stands currently regarding COVID-19.

We’ve gathered relevant and timely informational updates on Hawaii’s rules and regulations. Social distancing and wearing facial coverings are a few of the ways you can help the community when you are out and about for crucial errands.

Please be sure to educate yourself further on the strict travel restrictions going in and out of Maui at this time and make sure you are doing everything you can to keep our island safe.

Always remember to keep spreading aloha, safely, by being kind and considerate to those around you and in our community. 

You can find updated information at the links below: 

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Growing up on the island on Maui is a truly unique experience. Not many can say their childhood memories include lush island greenery, swimming in the ocean, and enjoying the island life. Whether you were born and raised on Maui or have been here your whole life, we can all relate to certain things that make our island home special. From living the rubber slipper life, eating rice with every meal, or spending family days at the beach, nothing compares to Maui life. 

  1. You shoot the shaka when you drive past someone you know

  2. You know what “dakine” means

  3. You NEVER wear your slippers inside the house 

  4. You can never find your slippers when you leave a party because there are 30 pairs outside

  5. You have more bikinis

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With everything going on in the world, there really is no place like home. Though we would rather be laying on the shores of Maui’s beautiful beaches, we are staying safe in our homes with our loved ones. Relying on dance, art, creativity, and music can definitely be the most relaxing way to get us through our day to day lives. In Hawai’i, this is no different than how most families are raised. 

In Hawaiian culture, music holds a special place in the hearts of the community. Growing up on Maui, there was always music playing at family gatherings, community celebrations, and in everyday life. Every song had history to it and would tell a story. Today, Hawaiians use music to honor the past, celebrate the culture, and pay homage to the ‘aina or

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To live in Hawai’i means to eat as the locals do. If we had to choose one dish that is not only a staple but a rite of passage when you come to the island, it wouldn’t be at a 5-star luxury restaurant or even at any restaurant for that matter. The dish we would choose is served hot and ready at most run-down gas stations and small convenience stores. You might have guessed it, we’re talking about the delicious and infamous Spam Musubi.

If you grew up in Hawai’i you remember your mom stopping at the gas station before school on days you needed home lunch for a field trip, your teammates bringing them for after practice snacks, picking them up for every beach day, and buying in bulk for any family BBQ because let’s face it - it’s a crowd-pleaser for

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Maui is known for its aloha and welcoming spirit throughout the community. But, in these uncertain times, our island needs aloha more than ever. Although it may be hard to physically be there for our loved ones and for one another, Maui has countless programs and donation sites set up to help you lend some aloha to those who are more vulnerable, less fortunate, or who need a helping hand. Whether it’s monetary donations, food supplies, running errands, or sharing this information with others, we all need to do our share for our beloved island.

1. Maui Food Bank

Maui Food Bank is supporting low-income families and kids who are struggling with their next meal. One of the programs they have implemented is grab-and-go meals for kids who won’t

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Don’t miss a beat during this crazy and uneasy time by grabbing some of your favorite Maui takeout from local restaurants and small businesses. There’s a number of places that are waiting to get you the food you love while keeping you safe. Nothing says normal like kicking up your feet on a Saturday night with some of Maui’s best cuisines. We hope this list helps you keep your happy hours happy, your (virtual) weekend brunches in full swing, and family night dinners full of ono grinds. Check out these local spots and be sure to check their websites and social media for operating hours, takeout options, and special promotions going on. 

 1. Kalei’s Lunch Box Food Truck

Spread aloha by supporting this local food truck who is sponsoring a free meal

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Truman Taoka has been a Hawai’i boy his whole life. Being born and raised on the island of Maui, he knows island life better than anyone. He received his Bachelor of Arts in Tourism and Travel Management at the University of Hawai’i at Manoa. With his passion for the island and expert knowledge in the field, Taoka brings his aloha to each client that he works with to provide the best for them and their families.

Taoka has been extraordinary when interacting with customers and tourists. Before joining our team, Taoka was a renowned events director with Hyatt Regency Maui Resorts & Spa. While with Hyatt Regency he was recognized with multiple Hy-Achiever awards and acknowledged as Manager of the year. We love the passion Truman puts into his work

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