Island Sotheby International Realty Welcomes Newest Realtor, Kyla Pinkard!

Posted by Staff Writer on Thursday, February 11th, 2021 at 8:33am

Kyla grew up with the warm Maui weather and listening to her mother navigate through the real estate world. This sparked her early interest in the beauty of real estate and how communication can bring things together seamlessly. After earning a master's from Edinburgh University in Scotland and studying communication across the globe, Kyla followed her natural instincts of coming back to Maui to finally join the real estate world she was so familiar with. She longed for the Maui sunshine and island lifestyle once again and returned home to start her career. 

“If I absolutely had to pick a favorite part of living here, though, I would have to say it's getting to be part of Maui’s wonderful community.”

Kyla’s love for challenges and navigating big changes make her the perfect person to embark with on a home buying journey. Having lived in 4 different countries, she is all too familiar with uprooting and starting anew. Her patience, calm and experienced demeanor and trusted communications skills set her apart from the rest. Her professionalism and eagerness to deliver the best to her clients make her a valued new addition to the Island Sotheby’s International Realty ohana. Whether it’s a quaint Lahaina home, a million-dollar Kapalua residence, or an overseas Scottish estate, Kyla is ready to take on the world. 

What led you to where you are today?

KP: With my mom being a Realtor, a lot of my childhood was spent absorbing small slices of the real estate business— listing agreements, showings, offers, counteroffers, and what seemed at the time like an endless stream of phone calls. As I got older, I began to understand how these seemingly distinct pieces fit together to form a dynamic and complex whole, one with a wide cast of characters and many moving parts, all revolving around and held together by communication. 

I first got my real estate license fresh out of high school, but my interest in how and why we communicate led me to pursue a language degree off-island, earning my MA in German and English Literature from Edinburgh University in Scotland. While real estate might seem a far cry from languages, I see these parts of my life as two sides of the same coin, and returning to real estate feels like a natural progression— a chance to apply all that I’ve learned about communication to a field where I can make a positive difference in people’s lives.

What's your favorite part about living on Maui and why?

KP: Growing up on Maui, it’s easy to become a little desensitized to the things that make island life so special—the beautiful nature, tasty food, year-round sunshine (!!!), and of course the aloha spirit. For me at least, it wasn’t until I left for college that I truly came to appreciate the paradise I was born into, and now that I’m back, it’s impossible for me to choose a favorite part of it! Waking up in the winter to clear skies and a sun that rises when I do still blows my mind a little, and I’ve never been more grateful for the papayas, avocados, guavas, and star fruit that grow in my yard. If I absolutely had to pick a favorite part of living here, though, I would have to say it's getting to be part of Maui’s wonderful community.

What's one thing you've always wanted to do on Maui but haven't yet?

KP: I’ve always wanted to spend the night in Haleakala crater! I’ve done day hikes but would love to stay to watch the sunset and the stars come out. Someday, I’d love to do a backpacking trip and spend at least one night each in Hōlua, Kapalaoa, and Palikū cabins, but that’s something I’ll need to work up to. Right now, I get winded hiking back up the fairly tame Waihou Springs switchbacks in Olinda Forest, so I want to make sure my body’s ready to get me into the crater and back out before I embark on my multi-cabin expedition.

What inspired you to work in Maui real estate and why ISIR? 

KP: Buying or selling a home is an important moment in a person’s life: it can be an exciting adventure or a challenging time of transition— usually, it’s a bit of both. Having lived in four different countries, I’m well versed in both the excitement and the anxiety that can come along with a big change. For me, working in real estate is about getting to help people navigate those highs and lows, taking the stress out of it so that my clients can enjoy the process itself (making the highs higher and the lows higher too).  

When I decided to get my license, there was no question in my mind about where I wanted to hang it—the level of professionalism and close-knit ‘ohana at ISIR is in my mind unparalleled. I know that with Sotheby’s resources and reputation for excellence locally, nationally, and internationally, I’ll be able to offer my clients the very best service. 

Where is one place on the island we can find you on the weekend? 

KP: Lately, I’ve been spending a lot of time collecting plant clippings for propagation, so you can find me anywhere you can find beautiful plants! 

What should clients know about you?

KP: You should know that I’m responsible and responsive, and extremely knowledgeable about Maui. I have a good understanding of architecture and construction and bring an aesthetic eye to visualize creative solutions in seemingly challenging design situations. It’s important that I understand not just your goals as a seller or buyer, but also you as a person so that I can offer you individualized service as we set forth on our journey toward realizing your Maui dreams.

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