Supporting Maui: How Maui Businesses Thrive and Give Back

Posted by Mapuana Andrade on Thursday, September 14th, 2023 at 6:54pm

The island of Maui, celebrated for its awe-inspiring landscapes and spirited communities, recently faced a devastating event as wildfires loomed over Kula in Upcountry and West Maui's cherished town of Lahaina. Hotels, storefronts, and restaurants were razed to the ground, impacting the livelihoods of numerous residents. The aftermath of this tragedy is expected to extend over several years, with a staggering economic cost running into billions of dollars. Yet, in the face of adversity, local businesses and eateries have shown an extraordinary capacity for resilience. Not only have they continued to serve their community, but they have also adapted to the changing economic landscape by embracing digital solutions like online ordering. For those who wish to extend their support to Maui's businesses from a distance, we offer a curated list of establishments that exemplify the spirit of giving and adaptability. 

Please be aware that certain items may have limited availability, so if you come across something that resonates with you, don't hesitate to make a purchase. 

Fuego’s Argentinian Steakhouse 

At Fuego's Argentinian Steakhouse in Central Maui, the entire staff joined forces to prepare meals for shelters, churches, and first responders. Their dedication has resulted in the delivery of over 2,400 meals during the past two weeks, averaging around 200 meals per day. Fuego's specializes in serving mouthwatering Argentinian steaks, creating a culinary experience that combines the rich flavors of Argentina with the aloha spirit of Maui - if you are on island it’s sure to be a delicious visit. They also sell gift cards that are perfect for gifting or saving for your next time on Maui. 

Maui Ku'ia Estate Chocolate

Maui Ku'ia Chocolate Estate takes you on a journey from the cacao farm to the chocolate factory, offering an immersive experience that's as educational as it is delightful. Sadly, the recent wildfires took a toll on their farm, leaving it nearly decimated by the fierce winds. However, their chocolate factory miraculously survived, and it's a testament to their dedication to preserving a piece of Maui's sweet heritage. While the farm may have faced challenges, the chocolate remains as delicious and tantalizing as ever. Maui Ku'ia Chocolate Estate continues to produce exquisite chocolates that capture the essence of the island. By shopping  Maui Ku'ia Chocolate, you're not just treating your taste buds; you're also supporting the island's recovery efforts. 

Visit the Maui Ku'ia Chocolate Estate website to explore their chocolate offerings, learn about their journey, and find out how you can contribute to their mission of resilience and renewal. 

Valley Isle Kombucha

Even if you're not typically a fan of kombucha, Valley Isle Kombucha may just change your mind. Their brews are unlike any other, combining the traditional probiotic goodness of kombucha with the vibrant, tropical flavors of Maui. The great news? You don't need to be on Maui to enjoy this exquisite kombucha. Valley Isle Kombucha offers shipping to the mainland, allowing you to have a piece of paradise delivered right to your door. Keep in mind that their brews are highly sought after, and they may sell out from time to time, but don't be discouraged—persistence pays off when it comes to securing your supply of this beloved kombucha.

If you're ready to embark on a journey of taste and wellness, visit the Valley Isle Kombucha website to explore their offerings and order your own taste of Maui. 

Maui Coffee Roasters 

For coffee enthusiasts and aficionados, there's no better way to experience the flavors of Maui than through a perfectly brewed cup of coffee. Maui Coffee Roasters, a local gem, offers you the opportunity to indulge in the rich and aromatic essence of the island with their exquisite coffee selections. They offer both 100% Maui coffee and Maui blends, allowing you to choose the flavor profile that suits your palate. But Maui Coffee Roasters isn't just about coffee; they offer a delightful range of merchandise that allows you to take a piece of Maui home with you. Their shirts and mugs make for wonderful souvenirs or gifts for friends and family, serving as a tangible reminder of the island's beauty and the resilience of its community.

By supporting Maui Coffee Roasters, you're not only treating yourself to a unique coffee experience but also contributing to the local economy and the island's recovery. Every sip of Maui coffee is a taste of the island's spirit, and every purchase from Maui Coffee Roasters is a gesture of support for the community. To explore their offerings and order online, visit their website. Savor the flavors of Maui, one cup at a time.

Aloha Kuki

Meet Micah Alo and Chandler Alo, the creators behind ALO[HA] KUKI, a family-run Christian business on Maui. ALO[HA] KUKI's kukis are more than treats; they're a part of their family's heritage, stemming from a cherished recipe passed down through generations. "Alo" from their last name, and "ha" (or "hā") meaning "life" in Hawaiian, together symbolize the essence of life. ALO[HA] KUKI infuses this essence into each cookie.

Beyond their delicious kukis, ALO[HA] KUKI's mission is to spread love and life. They actively support non-profits and groups sharing their message of positivity and goodwill.

Experience the crispy-buttery goodness of ALO[HA] KUKI's kukis and join their mission of spreading blessings. Visit their website, ALO[HA] KUKI, and be part of their journey. 


In the heart of Maui, Tinroof embodies the island's spirit of unity and resilience. Founded by a Maui couple, this eatery serves up not just food, but hope. When wildfires struck Maui, Tinroof's owners and fellow chefs rallied to provide thousands of meals to displaced locals, a testament to their unwavering Aloha spirit. With tourism slowing down, Tinroof now seeks your support to keep serving delicious Hawaiian cuisine with a purpose.

By dining at Tinroof, you savor more than just a meal; you become part of a movement to support a community-focused business. Visit Tinroof's website to buy a gift card (that could be donated or kept for later) explore their menu and story, whether you're on Maui or planning a visit. Every bite embodies Maui's resilience and kindness.

808 Clothing Co. 

Founded in 2006, 808 Clothing Co is a family-run business that started its journey at the Maui Swapmeet every Saturday, and it's where their passion for sharing the spirit of Hawaii truly began. Over the years, they've expanded their presence, now hosting a craft fair every Friday at the Westin KOR in Ka'anapali. Their brand that embodies Hawaiian culture and creativity and their locally-produced, high-quality t-shirts and hats have become staples for those seeking a piece of Maui to take home.

Whether you're on the island or planning a visit, you can explore their collection in person at the 808 Clothing storefronts in Kihei or on their website! Embrace the essence of Hawaii, one piece of clothing at a time.

The Four Seasons Resort 

The Four Seasons Maui is actively involved in supporting the Lahaina community during challenging times. They have launched the "Maui Strong" initiative to contribute to the island's recovery efforts in multiple ways.

  • Purchase their Maui Strong cocktail: Available exclusively at our new pop-up restaurant Dos Hombres Cocina, the "Maui Strong" cocktail is not only a delightful drink but also a symbol of support. 100% of the proceeds from each cocktail purchase will go to the Maui Strong initiative, directly aiding those affected by the Lahaina wildfires.

  • "Maui Strong" Package: The Four Seasons offers the "Maui Strong" package, where your stay becomes an opportunity to give back. When you purchase a room or suite on this package, up to USD 200 per night, unrestricted by the length of your visit, will be donated to Maui Strong. This package allows you to enjoy the luxurious accommodations while simultaneously making a meaningful contribution to the island's recovery.

To learn more about the Four Seasons Maui's initiatives and how you can support their contributions to Lahaina, visit their Maui Strong page.

Itsy Bitsy Keiki

Founder and owner Anuhea Medieros, a Kanaka Maoli Pre-K Kumu on Maui, initiated "Hau‘oli Bags" to provide toys and books for affected and displaced keiki in Lahaina. You can also support her efforts by shopping for brain-building activities and materials on her website, all with a Hawaiian influence. Itsy Bitsy Keiki offers a wide range of educational and fun products designed to nurture young minds while celebrating Hawaiian culture.

Kokua For Maui Initiative

The Hawaii Restaurant Association has launched the 'Kokua for Maui' initiative, where participating eateries contribute a portion of their earnings on the initial Tuesday of each month to support those affected on the Valley Isle. This initiative encompasses a diverse array of restaurants, each offering its unique culinary delights, making it a wonderful opportunity for food enthusiasts to explore the vibrant dining scene on Maui.

For a list of those businesses, head to and search “Restaurant Day”.

Ali’i Kula Lavender Farm 

Ali Kula Lavender is offering free admission for Kama'aina until further notice. Residents can also check in at the gift shop and get complimentary Kula Calm lavender tea! The lavender farm partners with over 20 local businesses to make their products, so by shopping with them, you are supporting countless others. 

Skyline Hawaii 

Skyline Hawaii is offering free ziplining for kama'aina in September! Hawali's Original Zipline Company is calling it KAMA'AINA MONTH and is partnering with the Maul food bank through this promotion. Just bring 10 pounds of rice or 10 cans of non-perishable food per person to donate and take their award-winning Haleakalä tour on Maui, FREE. Space is limited, so reservations are required. Call 808.878.8400 to reserve. 

Moku Roots 

For Lahaina residents and beyond, Moku Roots offers daily donation-based or free dishes for pickup or dine-in, supporting everyone affected by the fire. They are also flexible in accommodating various requests, including private chef services, large takeout orders, custom cakes, and desserts. Moku Rootz is a culinary gem known for its diverse menu, offering both traditional and inventive dishes with a focus on quality and community support. Email at if you’d like to talk about bringing Moku to you!

Maui Macaroons

Maui Macaroons donated hundreds of cookies to on-site meals in Honokowai. These delightful treats are perfect for satisfying your sweet cravings or gifting to loved ones. You can order Maui Macaroons online, bringing a taste of Maui's sweetness to your doorstep. To explore their mouthwatering macaroon offerings and place an order, visit their website.

Maui Bees

Maui Bees brings you the finest honey from the heart of the island, where nature's sweetness meets dedicated beekeepers. They offer a variety of honey with unique flavors, capturing the essence of Maui's diverse flora. By choosing Maui Bees honey, you're not only treating your taste buds but also supporting local beekeeping and the preservation of the island's delicate ecosystem. The beekeepers at Maui Bees are deeply committed to the well-being of their hives and the environment. Explore their online store for honey-based products like candles and lip balm, all infused with Maui's sweetness.


Aloha Collection

The Aloha Collection, known for its stylish and functional bags, is deeply committed to supporting Lahaina and its local community. Through their "Malama Maui" initiative, they are actively involved

in various community projects and efforts aimed at preserving the beauty and culture of Maui.

By purchasing from the Aloha Collection, you're acquiring beautifully designed bags and contributing to the betterment of Lahaina. Visit the Aloha Collection's website to learn more about their initiatives and explore their collection.

Paradise Now Hawaii

Paradise Now Hawaii is donating 100% of its Hui O Wa’a Kaulua proceeds to benefit Mo’olele and the rest of its facilities. Mo’olele was built in Lāhainā in 1975 as part of the revival of traditional navigation and sailing during the 70’s this year would have marked its 48th birthday. The Mo’olele perished along with rest of the Hui O Waʻa Kaulua’s structures.

Made in Maui County Festival 

November 3-4, 2023

If you are looking for an in-person shopping experience, mark your calendars for the 2023 Made in Maui County Festival on November 3rd and 4th. If you cannot travel to Maui, the festival has posted the 120 vetted Made in Maui businesses that attended the 2022 event on their website with links to their social media channels and websites. They will be updating their list with the 2023 vendors when available. 

The Lahaina wildfires posed significant challenges to Maui's businesses, but the resilience and determination of the island's community have shone through. These restaurants and businesses, in addition to serving their local customers, have adapted by offering online ordering and nationwide shipping, ensuring that the spirit and flavors of Maui can be shared with people across the mainland. By supporting these establishments, you not only savor the tastes of Maui but also contribute to the island's recovery and resilience in the face of adversity.


Other Maui Businesses 

Hana Lima Maui

Kapa Curious

Matsumoto Studio

Maui Slime Co

Te Hotu Mana Creations LLC

Kahele Maui

Let's Go; Kiddo!

Moku Pu Natural Body Care

Palapala Designs

Maui Epicure LLC ba Maui Fruit Jewels

Paiki Hawaii

Hawaiis Heritage Jewelers


Mise Kimono

Oneloa Maui

A Maui Day Original Handbags

Advance Wildlife Education LLC

Luchia Fine Jewelry

Treehouse Designs

B. Miyo Art


Ha Wahine

Kanilehua Enterprises

Lokelani Burlap

Maui Chili Chili Oil


Ocean Jazz Maui

Paradise now

She Wood Go



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