Eating In Paradise: Top 11 Food Trucks On Maui

Posted by Staff Writer on Friday, January 15th, 2021 at 8:35am

There is no reason why you should be spending hundreds of dollars on one meal when visiting Maui. Every corner of this island is filled with a plethora of delicious local food made with fresh ingredients that make those tourist trap restaurants look silly. 

From craft coffee, fresh-caught seafood, fruity acai bowls, and homemade burgers, to local delicacies like teriyaki, it’s no wonder the Maui food trucks are the rave in 2021. 

This is one of the most genuine (and delicious) ways to explore the island and pay homage to the local food truck owners who have some of the most renowned dishes on the island! Relax on the beach, take a sunset swim, then give yourself the gift of stopping by one of our favorite food trucks for dinner or a late-night snack. *Cue the mouth-watering! 

Mo Ono

With the slogan “Satisfy your 'ono. Nourish your na'au” we know that Mo Ono is not playing around when it comes to ono food. About 2 minutes from the airport, Mo Ono has been serving up fresh and delicious acai bowls for locals and tourists that do not disappoint. Be sure to try their lilikoi butter and chocolate shavings (a game changer)!


I mean I don’t know if it’s the Spam Fried Rice and Shrimp Tempura Maki Roll, the Spicy Hamachi and Shrimp Tempura Maki roll topped with Kabayaki, Spicy Mayo, and Green Onions, or the Lobster Sandwich with @kumufarms Spring mix, tomatoes on a Wes Made Roll that make me lose focus when I think about Ogo Maui...

Kalei’s Lunch Box

A local favorite, Kalei’s Lunch Box is probably what we all dream of having in our own lunchboxes with the incredible breaded teriyaki beef and the hurricane Brussel sprouts, it’s no wonder they are cranking everyday between locals and tourists swarming their window!

Kraken Coffee

If every day started with Kraken Coffee we guess that the overall happiness levels of the world would rise by 100%. With two locations in Kihei and Kahului and a drive-through, they put the “easy” on Monday mornings. Try their January drink of the month, the Twisted Mocha, a rich, dark chocolate blend with a hint of orange!

Al's BBQ Pit

It’s like grandma’s cooking all over again. Al’s BBQ Pit brings sweet and juicy dishes of BBQ made local style. If the sweet aroma of fresh BBQ isn’t enough to find them, they are at Kulamalu Foodtruck Pod (Wed-Sat 11-7 pm), Friday Festivals, Maui Sunday Market & special events!


Earth Aloha Eats

Our favorite vegan food truck is now on uber eats and doordash and it could not be any easier to get your hands on one of Earth Aloha Eats famous vegan dishes like their fish tacos, falafel wrap, or their pulled “pork” sandwich. Can you see our drool through the screen?

Geste Shrimp Truck

You’ve never tasted shrimp until you've had Geste Shrimp Truck on Maui. Their reviews are blowing up with people who are stunned by their plate lunches and the local flavor they add to everything. Located right next to the Kahului airport, try them out today!

Kitoko Maui

Food truck but make it ~boujee~.  Welcome to Kitoko, restaurant-level dining using local Maui produce and organic ingredients as often as possible. You can taste the heart and soul that goes into every dish and the plating? *Chef’s kiss. 

Vidads Maui 

Get a taste for being in a local family's backyard during a BBQ. Vidads is loaded with the most loved local dishes with Filipino flair like pancit guisado, Halo-Halo, poke bowls, local style noodles, and more. YUM!

808 Plate’s Maui

I mean...this is everything you’ve dreamt of for your Maui vacation. The freshest seafood plate lunches and poke bowls anyone could ask for. From ono, ahi, Mahi, and more, there’s nothing that checks off the foodie bucket list quite like 808 Plates Maui.  

Brekkie Bowls

100% vegan and totally local, Brekkie Bowls makes for the best beach day snack. What truer Maui experience than laying out in the sun only to end the day with fresh pitaya and acai bowls. Fuel your body and your Maui dreams!



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